Elementary School - 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Curriculum


Phonics and Reading
      • Review of vowels, consonant, blends, one and two-vowel words, consonant blends
      • Recognition and use of all phonics special sounds in reading 
      • Special rules: doubling consonants, dropping silent ‘e’, changing ‘y’ to ‘i’ 
      • Oral reading
Cursive Writing
      • Review of letter formation
      • Guided creative writing 
      • Introduction to 3/4 space writing
      • Daily seat-work practice in all academic areas 
      • Creative writing journal
Spelling and Poetry
      • Weekly phonics-based word list
      • Reinforcement activities 
      • Spelling glossary 
      • Weekly test 
      • Vocabulary words and definitions second semester 
      • Seven poems committed to memory 
      • Word usage rules 
      • Writing letters and thank-you notes
      • Creative writing 
      • Capitalization of first word in a sentence, days of the week, months of the year, special holidays, people and places 
      • Correct punctuation at the ends of sentences 
      • Complete sentences, questions and exclamations 
      • Alphabetizing words and other dictionary skills 
      • Writing of complete sentences, questions, exclamations and short stories 
      • Words using suffixes, prefixes, abbreviations, compound words, rhyming words, opposite words, singular and plural words, singular possessive words, and contractions 


America, Our Home:
      • Our Flag
      • Our Patriotic Holidays
      • Our Songs 
      • The People Who Built America
      • The Separatists
      • American Indians
      • The Colonists
      • America's Pioneers
      • America's Cowboys
      • The New Americans 
Tomorrow's America


      • Enjoying the plant world 
Earth And Space
      • Enjoying the Stars and Planets 
      • Enjoying Planet Earth
      • Enjoying the Air Around Us 
      • Enjoying Things That Move 
      • Enjoying the Animal World 
      • Discovering insects 
Health and Human Biology
      • Enjoying Myself and Others Matter 
      • Enjoying the Air Around Us 
      • Enjoying Things That Work Together  


      • Posture
      • Nutrition
      • Exercise
      • Rest
      • Cleanliness
      • Diseases 
      • At home and away from home
      • On streets
      • Around water
      • During bad weather 
      • Politeness 
      • Kindness 
      • Cheerfulness 
      • Respect 
      • Thoughtfulness 
      • Thankfulness 
      • Patience 
      • Table and telephone manners 


      • Counting and combining coins and bills 
      • Numbers greatest and least 1-1,000
      • English and some metric measures 
      • Ordinal Numbers 
      • Multiplication facts 0-5 
      • Division facts 1-5 
      • Story problems 
      • Multiple combinations 
      • Estimation 
      • Rounding 
      • Reading pictographs, bar graphs and line graphs 
      • Number recognition, writing and counting 1-10,000 and beyond 
      • Counting and writing to hundred thousands, threes to 36, fours to 48 
      • Subtraction facts through 18 and four-digit subtraction with borrowing 
      • Numbers before and after by ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, and tens 
      • Addition facts through 18, column addition, four-digit addition, four-digit addition with carrying 
      • Roman numerals
      • Telling time to the nearest minute 
      • Reading a thermometer 
      • Drawing and measuring lines to one-half inch 
      • Developing listening skills 
      • Calendars Place value to thousands 
      • Unit fractions 
      • Making change 


      • Lessons such as Salvation Series, Life of Moses, Tabernacle, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Jonah 
      • Memory verses 
      • Hymns/choruses 
      • Bible 
      • Doctrine 


      • Chapel 
      • Spanish 
      • Art 
      • Music 
      • Gymnastics 
      • Field Trips