Elementary School - 4th Grade

4th Grade Curriculum


Reading and Literature
      • Oral reading
      • Reading comprehension
      • Speed reading
      • Vocabulary building
      • Review of cursive writing formation through skill practice, word games, original composition, and sentence dictation
Spelling and Poetry
      • Weekly work lists based on phonics and spelling rules, challenging words, and vocabulary
      • Reinforcement activities
      • Six poems committed to memory 
Writing Process
        • Sentence structure
        • Kinds of sentences
        • Punctation
        • Capitalization facts
        • Abbreviations
        • Possessive words
        • Letters - business, friendly, post cards, thank-you notes
        • Gathering information
        • Writing with details
        • Writing an encyclopedia report
        • Write book reports
        • Creating writing
        • Dictionary skills
        • Recognizing and using all eight parts of speech
        • Diagraming verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs
        • Correctly using troublesome words 


      • Map study
      • State history for six weeks
      • Eight documents memorized
      • The Years of Discovery
      • The Years of Conquest
      • The First Americans
      • The English Come to America
      • The New England Colonies
      • The Middle and Southern Colonies
      • A Picture of Colonial Life
      • The Great Awakening
      • The French and Indian War
      • The American War for Independence
      • Building a New Nation
      • Our Nation Grows
      • The Civil War
      • New Frontiers
      • An Age of Progress
      • Beyond our Boundaries
      • The World Wars
      • Time for Freedom and Responsibility


      • Provision for Man and Beast
      • Insects: Miniature Marvels of Creation
      • Birds: Winged Wonders
      • Matter: Water, Air, and Earth
      • Energy: Sound and Hearing
Earth and Space
      • Geology: Planet Earth
      • Oceanography: Wonders of the Sea
      • Astronomy: Consider the Heavens        


Physical Fitness
      • Your Body Framework
      • The Muscle Builder
      • Your Breathing Machine
Personal Hygiene
      • A Winning Smile
      • Your Body Cover
      • Keys to Good Grooming
Interpersonal Relationships
      • A Healthier You 
      • Place value of whole numbers and decimals
      • Mastery of fundamental operations
      • Story problems
      • Estimating answers
      • English and metric measures
      • Converting measures within the same system and solving measurement equations
      • Roman numerals
      • Addition, subtraction and multiplication involving fractions
      • Estimation
      • Averaging
      • Factoring
      • Divisibility rules Introduction to decimals
      • Making change
      • Reading a thermometer
      • Solving equations using addition and subtraction axioms
      • Graphs and scale drawing
      • Basic geometric shapes
      • Perimeter and area
      • Using an English and metric ruler
      • Time lapse 
      • Lessons such as Salvation Series, Genesis, Life of Christ, Paul 
      • Memory verses 
      • Hymns/choruses 
      • Bible Doctrine


      • Chapel
      • Spanish
      • Art
      • Music
      • Gymnastics
      • Field Trips